Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

the shortcut?

problems. depressed. stuck. crazy.

we all must have it

when we solved the problem, we learned how stay calm even the world gonna got you down, and that's when we learned to be mature

we're often feel despair, give up, or "omg. i can't take this any longer. it's killing me"

like we have walked a long time, and eventually only lead to stalemate.

she said, "i knew it. i know it and i'm still think i can do it, i can pass it. but now i can't. i'm such a fool. now i'm gonna take a shortcut. yeah shortcut. nobody can stop me now."

then angel of death came to her, he said "what kind of shortcut do you want to take?"

"anything. with a little hurts."

"hmm there's nothing like that. but, i'll show you the shortcut i have"

then the angel of death sang, he sang very melodious, but it's very creepy, pathetic, as if you thought he heard a woman screaming, then you feel you do not want to live anymore

.......A beautiful girl painted a pretty picture but with a tiny twist

.......The paintbrush was her razor

.......And the canvas was her wrist

.....the bestest mommy in the world

......kiss with a gun

.....1,2,3,4,5 bang!

.......oh no,

......her dress full of blood no

.......made the dress not looked pretty no

..........a men like a dragon

......out smoke from his mouth

....he smile, he laugh,

....and then his expression changed

......what? what did you say? i can't hear you

......his face turned blue

.....his lungs is black

......made he can't breathe

.....there was a girl

felt hurt that her friend betrayed

.......she said, my friend, i'll come back to you

.......then she jumped

.....but she wasn't dead

.......she had a wings

.....she was fly to the hell

......a little girl

.....she ate once every 3 days

.....always got a "blue tattoo" from her parents

.....sometimes she fu*ck with her daddy

, burned, stabbed familiar
for her

......every night, she was screamed

.....tried to escape

.....but she always lose

.....then she decide to hanging on the wall

..... now she felt piece in the hell

the angel of death said, "so, which one do you like?"

she said, "i don't know"

the angel of death, "okay then, i'll give you a times to think about it. if know what you want, just suicide then i'll pick you to the hell. use that time wisely."

then the angel of death was gone

she had made a decision, but first she made a letter why she wanted to dead. then, she told her boyfriend

"dear, i'm sorry i have to go. i want you to know, that i'm really love you. please, don't make anything stupid while i don't with you. i love you."

"where do you want to go?"

"to the hell, dear."

"then i go with you"

"don't be silly. you have a people who loves you. don't make them sad."

"then you have too. why you don't realize?"

"nope, dear. i don't have it"

"I AM. don't be so stupid. you'll fly, and i'll cry. but this isn't our last goodbye, cause i'll meet you whenever that's a heaven or hell, i don't care if i must leaving this beautiful world. for me, world without you will getting so bored and i can't live without you, dear."

"but, i won't you to dead..."

"so, don't kill yourself. your just wasting your time. please, we can marry, have a child, sit in balcon and our hair's turn to grey, then we'll die together. is that beautiful? i know you have a problems dear, but it's a part of the life. nobody doesn't have a problem. i promise always stay with you until you get bored with my face and no longer feel at comfort with me"

so, the girl didn't commited to suicide. now, she tried to be strong again with her lover in her side.

thanks to Hilman Hibabullah

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