Jumat, 15 April 2011

Happy birthday 15th Nadya Gita Cendany!

Happy birthday 15th Nadya Gita Cendany!

she has a big eye, thick eyebrow, curly hair, and red cheek. if you meet her, you'll think she was twelve or thirteen, but she was FIFTEEN now! God, she's very cute and very young. she's older 13days for me. i think she's a good friend. she's kind, funny, jovial, and she's one of my trusted friends.

so, i made a present for her. well, it's may not be good or expensive, but i made it myself. i hope you'll like it :-)

maaf ya ce bikin behelnya susah banget :(

i made it from 'clay.' it's kinda of playdough but when it cooled, it will hard, but soft too. i added a key chain, so you can hanging everywhere you want to. hmm it's kinda like a clown of mcdonald bcs the colour, red-yellow-white haha -_-

once again, Happy birthday Nadya! or Gece hehehe :D

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